Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts from a Child

One of my groups of students I work with are made up of 6 very active, very lively first graders. Recently, while working on a writing/coloring activity, they began talking among themselves about being old. One student asked me if you always die when you turn 100. After explaining that age doesn't always determine when you die, one student looked at the other and said "yeah, it's God's choice when you die." To which the other student replied, "yeah, did you know that God is everything?" He proceeded to hold up his crayon and continued "see this crayon? This is God." While it was humorous, it also spoke volumes to me about the innocence of children - their abilities to see God as a crayon, and to know (and maybe understand) that He really IS in all things and everywhere.

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The Wife said...

Love those kids!