Sunday, June 28, 2009

finally...I am explained!

About a year ago, my sister became interested in the whole idea of birth order - why we are the way we are, according to the lineage in which we were born. I didn't give it much thought, until my neighbor recently came over to hang a curtain rod for me. When it was up, he asked me where I was in the birth order line up. When I told him I was the youngest, he replied "oh good. You aren't a first born perfectionist." It was his statement that got me interested in this whole birth order thing. I went to the library, checked out a book, and came home to read about "why I am the way I am." I went into it thinking that this was just some way to try to explain away all the reasons we act like we do, but as I started the book, I realized there was something to it: it described my sister and I perfectly, as though the author had done his case study on us. It's really interesting - for a very brief overview of birth order, you can click here. If you want more in depth, hit up the local library for a couple of solid books. I am currently reading Birth Order & You, by Dr. Ronald Richardson. My sister has read The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are by Dr. Kevin Leman. Both are great reads - what are you waiting for?!

ps: you can take a look at the website and figure out what my birth order is...see how well you know me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sickly sweet

My best friend made this. Yes, MADE it. Every part of it. Even the basket and tissue paper. It's ridiculously amazing, I know. She's just good like that.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

to sleep or not to sleep...

I'm officially taking advice on how to fall asleep before 2am. Morning comes far too quickly otherwise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm not really sure what this is advertising (found it on the johnson county library website), but it's hilariously awesome.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

lovin the girls

spent the weekend with these girls. loved every second. can't wait to do it again. soon, please.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dear Tigist

What a sweet, sweet woman. Tigist is now sitting at the feet of her Father, joining with all of heaven in worship. Social worker in Zeway, Ethiopia, (shown here with Wondimu, one of the students she worked with) Tigist was killed in a car accident a few days ago. She will be greatly missed by both those in Zeway, and by those here in Kansas City that knew and loved her.

Tigist, me, Tatek

Sunday, June 7, 2009

one funny guy

If you know me well, you know about my love for music by Ari Hest. I was on his website a few minutes ago, checking to see if he was going to be in or around KC this summer (only to be bummed out that he was in Lawrence not long ago). Anyway - I clicked on his blog site, to see what was going on, and came across the following in an archived entry. It's an email between Ari and his drummer, Doug. It's a bit on the long side, but hilariously worth it. Read on...


Ari Hest wrote:

Hey, good news, looks like I’ll be able to do a two week(ish) tour with you guys in March if you’re up for it, from approx march 13 (joe’s pub) to march 29 (probably nashville). as soon as dates are confirmed I will let you know and also will figure out budget.


Doug Yowell wrote:

Great Ari,

Below is my personal rider along with hotel, sheet, pillow, lighting and fitness requirements. My manager and agent will contact you to discuss my multiple endorsements and vigorous drum clinic schedule which will coincide with the tour. My personal assistant will be laying this out in the weeks to come and implement it from my private tour bus. We will work closely with you and your staff to try and keep all schedule conflicts to a minimum. As you’ll see in my contract, page 34 sect II-b, you will need to sign off on giving way to my schedule first before continuing with said “Ari Hest Tour”. You and your staff will be invited to all wine tasting pre-show and will be given a 20% friends and family discount to the Betty Ford clinic upon completing this lengthy tour.

Is this cool or are you going to be a dick about it ?

i guess what i’m trying to say is… ah… yes… i’m excited and i will put this in my calendar… sir… thank you…


Doug Yowell’s Personal Rider

(rider… I hardly know her)

Hotel Requirements:

Hotel room should be neat and clean.

All alarm clocks should have the alarm disabled.

Lighting should be set to “romantic”.

Sheets must be 800 thread count

Pillow comfort Level must be “Natural Bossom”

A “Do Not Disturb” card should be available at all times in whatever language needed.

A downtown area phone book shall be provided (in case I can’t reach something in the closet or kitchen cabinets)

Bathroom must be de-pubed before entering.

Baby wipes.. not toilet paper.. I have a sensitive anus and I will show anyone who doesn’t believe me.

Hand Lotion shall be placed on night stand ( in case my hands get dry…. while watching a movie)

Shower Head must be facing center in the tub so as not to wash the entire bathroom when turning on the faucet.

A staff member will be required to call my wife to assure her that I am alone.

Windows must be able to open or a glass cutter must be provided.

Wake up call must include Kenny G. or Yanni to ensure douche pimples and skin rash to wake up.

2 hotel room keys will always be necessary. One should be left with me and the other at the local Hooters.

Food Requirements:

Edamame warm with sea salt.. not table salt

Vegetarian platter ( no meat… chicken is meat.. no chicken) Meat will be thrown about the green room should it appear on the Veggie platter.

8 oz jar of mayonnaise horseradish. This isn’t easy to find but that’s your job.

Butter Nut Squash soup.. from Whole Foods…if Whole Foods doesn’t exist in the state we’re in it shall be trucked, or flown in.. no exceptions.

Carrot juice made fresh in front of me, then bottled in Odwalla bottle and sealed… no funny business

Vitamin Supplement B-12 to ensure proper tempos during show.

These foods have been evaluated and approved by my nutritionist who will also be joining us and sending his own rider. These foods have been designed to keep my overall mood from becoming cantankerous and otherwise unpleasant.


My drums shall be set up nightly to perfection. (Toys R Us will be sending a floor plan similar to their “in-store” display)

12’ high drum riser shall be required to keep me chest level with said artist, “ Ari Hest”.

A Cooking Mirror shall be placed over the drums to allow my fan base to get a bird’s eye view of my massive skills.

Artist shall introduce me after every song in a new and unique way, somehow crediting me for making these songs even remotely listenable.

A spotlight shall be placed over me during any and all solo performances of the artist (that does not include the band) to highlight my reaction to the artist’s song, lyrics and performance which will undoubtedly change nightly, but should not be influenced my reaction (even if the audience begins laughing)

All tempos shall be subject to change without notice before/ during each song without protest. Any attempt to put the responsibility on me will result in your own embarrassment.

All after show meet and greet will be accompanied by me with first right of refusal of any and all hot chics. Whatever is left over will be doled out to the remaining band and crew.

The End

Friday, June 5, 2009


One more incredibly strange thing to add to my list of idiosyncrasies, I can't WAIT for this show to premiere tomorrow night!! I don't necessarily agree with what Captain Watson or his team does aboard the S.S. Steve Irwin, but it makes for an awesome show! Check out the clip below to see a little from the new season of Whale Wars on Animal Planet!

good food, great fun. let's hope.

How lucky am I to get to work at one of my favorite restaurants?! I've always been greatly against working in the food service industry, but in the past few years (and many trips later), I've been thinking that it would be great to work at a place I love to eat at so much. So, I'm giving it a go. Today, I officially start at Cactus Grill (sister to Jose Peppers, soon to be Jose Peppers). I've got a week or so of training before I can become an official server, but after that happens....come see me (great tips would also be appreciated)!